Import Opportunities

If you are looking to import Spice such as cloves, black pepper, pepper, savage peppers or vanilla bean from Madagascar, we are the BEST PARTNER. As a brokering company, we are here to find the best products for you at the best price. We are your Representative here in Madagascar to follow up your transactions, the quality checking, the delivery time schedule to respect

The vanilla processing season from June until September, Madagascar Spices has 10 staff members in Andapa and 25 in Sambava. Madagascar Spices respects the official opening campaigns. The processing, or so-called curing process of each vanilla pod, takes approximately three months. This includes cooking the pods to retain the aroma for longer, drying, sorting and packaging.

The vanilla is then ready for export. Madagascar Spices takes great pride in their end-products that is achieved through the highly laborious process from hand-pollination to packaging. Additionally, their products are 100% organic with no use of artificial fertilisers.